AAI’s Kolkata Airport to get New ATC Tower with upgraded technology and enhanced capacity

With an objective to enhance the capacity and ease the traffic flow, AAI’s Kolkata Airport has undertaken the work of construction of New ATC Tower and Technical Block at an estimated cost of. Rs.458 cr.

The new ATC Tower complex spread in an area of 2040 sqm. Will accommodate all ANS units for efficient air traffic management. With more than 50 meters of height, the new building will be equipped with advanced digital technology in the field of communication and air traffic system. Automation & VCS equipment will be of higher capability with provisioning of more number of Controller Work Positions (CWP) to meet the requirement of upper & lower area harmonisation in Kolkata Area Control Centre (ACC). New Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (ASMGCS) will enhance the surveillance and provide bird`s eye view of the entire operational runway which will enable the ATC Personnel to ensure safety & efficiency in augmented capacity.

The ATC Complex will have centralized redundant UPS system with 100% backup (1200 kVA for Technical Block & 100 kVA in ATC Tower) which will provide regulated, reliable & uninterrupted power supply for all equipment. New SCCTV (Surveillance CCTV) & access control for CNS/ATM installation along with Biometric Access System will be installed in new ATS building considering 100% safety, security for man & machine.