ARJ21 aircraft completes special flight test at highest civil airport

ARJ21 AC103 has completed a maximum take-off/landing height expansion flight test at Daocheng Yading Airport (4411 meters above sea level), the highest civil airport and returned to Shanghai on July 30th, 2020. After half a month of flight test, the take-off and landing capabilities of the ARJ21 aircraft in the environment of a high plateau airport were fully verified, which marks that the operating range of ARJ21 aircraft can cover all the high plateau airports, laying a solid foundation for the opening of plateau routes in the future.


Plateau airports refer to the airports with an elevation of greater than 1,500 meters, among which those with an elevation of 1,500-2,438 meters are general plateau airports, and those with an elevation of 2,438 meters and above are high plateau airports. Plateau airports have thin air, complex terrain and changeable weather, which place higher requirements on aircraft performance and operation supporting capability.


With the special flight test at Daocheng Yading Airport, the maximum take-off/landing height is further expanded, and the reliability and plateau performance of ARJ21 aircraft are verified.