Aviation based home decors are a little too unconventional in places like India. How and what inspired you to come up with WOODFEATHER?

My love for the skies and fascination for airplanes is as old as I am. But making propellers was never anything I had planned or imagined. WoodFeather's creation was more by accident than design. It started when I wanted propeller for new home and couldn’t get one this side of the world. After several failed attempts to source one I decided to just make one for myself. With no formal experience in woodwork or product design I still took up the challenge. I had many admirers for my experimental piece in my living room so I decided to do a better job of it. Before I knew it my interest in perfecting the design and trying new ones had become a goal. And at one point when I had made a dozen experimental designs it started getting buyers. That’s when I realised that if made right, even something as quirky and uncommon as a propeller would make for a great statement piece. And that’s when WoodFeather was born.In the last 4 years the brand and our products have taken quantum leaps winning hearts and accolades worldwide to be recognised as the makers of the finest airplane propellers for décor.. 

How do you describe your craftsmanship and what is the design philosophy that you follow?

Firstly, each of our designs is born from an inspiration which is expressed in the propellers shape, size, finish, colour etc. It could be an airplane, a character, a place a sport or just about anything. Our designs resonate with different aspects of our clients personalities thereby becoming an extension of their persona instead of just another artefact. In fact I insist that every buy must personalise their piece so its uniquely theirs and has a story of its own. It could be dates, names, logos, quotes or just about anything that is of importance or memorable to them. That’s what turns the artefact into an heirloom.

And as goes the finish and quality, there’s no room for a second best. Our pieces are entirely handcrafted so it takes our highly skilled several weeks to make a single propeller. But the quality shows in the exquisite finish of our designs which is what earns the piece its WoodFeather badge.

What are the different range of products you are offering? What could be their prices? Do you craft client specified custom designs as well?

We offer 2 collections, Classic & Signature. The first has a range of wood finished designs where the grains and figures of the wood are the highlight of the design giving it a raw, earthy and vintage feel. The second range is inspired by a design theme so the focus is more on the colours and the detailing giving them a slightly more modern feel. The prices start from Rs 36,000 onwards for a 4 feet size and Rs 48,000 onwards for a 6 feet size propeller.

But our design collection is not the end of what you can get. We even custom-build propellers exactly to choice. Clients can choose everything from the shape, size, colour, finish and detailing and we will make it exactly as they envisioned.

Is your client base limited to just Aviation insiders and enthusiasts?What kind of response you get from your clients usually?

Aviation enthusiasts are definitely the closest to our products and our propellers hold a lot more meaning to them. Having said that, majority if our clientele comprises of luxury home owners looking for something unique and classy for their walls. These include businessmen, industrialists, celebrities and senior management executives in addition to pilots and aviation crew. Our exquisite artefacts make the perfect conversation starters in homes and offices irrespective of what background the person may belong to.

The only response we always get is that of awe and magnificence when clients get their piece and that’s what keeps us going at WoodFeather.

Which among your finest crafts is your personal favorite? Can you describe it to our readers?

This is an impossible choice for me to make. Not just the design but I’m equal attached to every single piece I make. However, if I did have to pick one it would surely be from the Classic collection which showcases the gorgeous natural grains of the wood. Even our best-selling design for the last 4 years is the Gladiator which is made of solid Teakwood with shiny brass tips, a striking combination of wood and metal, the perfect head turner.

What are your plans for expansion of your product lines?

At this point we’re just too happy making propellers and launching newer designs every year. It’s a still a concept which is new to the world and people are rapidly taking a fancy for it. Our latest global collaboration with the iconic Hollywood movie TOP GUN is the perfect example of how our designs and products are progressing and with the new Top Gun Special Edition designs launching in Jan 2021 we hope to win hearts of aviation fans worldwide.