Daher’s HomeSafe™ emergency auto-land system is certified on the TBM 940

Daher announced that it had received both FAA and EASA approval of its HomeSafe emergency autoland system on its TBM 940 turboprop single. The option is priced at $85,000 and can be retrofitted to TBM 940 aircraft already in service at TBM service centers. “This is a game-changing step that expands flight safety from pilots to the passengers themselves,” said Nicolas Chabbert, Daher aircraft division senior vice president. “Without a doubt, HomeSafe will become an aviation standard.”

Based on Garmin’s Emergency Autoland system and available part of the G3000 integrated flight deck, the system can be activated manually via an orange button atop the cockpit instrument panel, or semi-automatically if the emergency descent mode (EDM) has been engaged. Software integrates weather and terrain information to select the best airport for landing, taking into account fuel range and runway length.

When activated, aircraft occupants receive a safety video briefing via the cockpit multifunction display. Air traffic control receives an automated message and the transponder code is automatically is set to the 7700 emergency squawk code. The system provides inputs to the aircraft’s flight controls and adjusts engine power settings through the touchdown phase.

On landing rollout, HomeSafe will activate brakes and then, after stopping, shut down the engine. Electrical relays to enable automatic activation of flaps, landing gear, and landing lights. An emergency automatic braking system, activated by a Garmin servo control, complements the standard braking system, with an increased-capacity hydraulic fluid tank. A fuel shut-off valve has been added to stop the engine by cutting off the fuel supply.

The system operates with the autopilot, autothrottle, TBM e-Copilot, enhanced stability protection, emergency descent mode, automated deicing, and radar altimeter inputs. However, the pilot can override the autoland function by disconnecting the autopilot.

Daher has been developing the system for the TBM since 2017 and the related test campaign included 200 automated landings. The TBM 940 is the latest aircraft to receive a variation of this Garmin-based technology. Piper previously announced its incorporation into its M600 turboprop single. Deliveries of the TBM 940 began in June 2019 and the aircraft received FAA certification approval in October.