In a First-In-Asia, GMR Aero Technic Adopts an Inflatable Hangar

GMR Aero Technic (GAT), the maintenance, repair and overhaul division of GMR Air Cargo and Aerospace Engineering Ltd. (GACAEL), has taken a giant leap in terms of aircraft maintenance and service in Asia, by adopting a new innovative technology in the form of Inflatable Hangar. The GAT is the only MRO in the Asia region to have installed such a hangar.

The hangar could be used for multiple purposes including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, engine or landing gear replacement. The one bay narrow body inflatable hangar is sufficient to take one B737 or A320 series aircraft which will add one additional bay to GAT’s already existing 7 bay capacity. With this additional line, GAT would be able handle additionally 15 to 20 smaller base maintenance checks or four to five end of lease checks per year.

An Inflatable Hangar is cost-effective, reduces downtime to a minimum and saves time and money as compared to building a conventional hangar, at the same time catering for all the functionality, safety features and structural stability of the conventional hangar, a press release said.

Ashok Gopinath, CEO, GMR Aero Technic, said, “The latest addition of this Inflatable Hangar to our MRO will help us take additional business and support our customers in meeting their timelines and commitments of aircraft operations and redeliveries. Such hangars have been used as a proper alternative to conventional hangars by MROs in Europe and GCC for many years now. In the long term, we are looking at adding a couple of more hangars aimed at upgrading to include wide body aircraft capability.”

The Inflatable Hangar will serve as a dedicated base maintenance facility complementing existing facilities in GMR Aero Technic, Hyderabad and help in optimizing the already available resources in terms of manpower, tooling and support workshop.