Tracing the synergy between innovation and education. Up close with Dr. Sumeet Suseelan, Aviation Guru, Chairman, IIA

If learning a skill takes you up by a level, teaching the same thing to others takes you to another level. How did your path shift from psychology to MBA which then turned towards Aviation up-skilling?
Aviation always been my passion, immediately after my schooling I did diploma in Aviation from Cambridge university paralleley pursued Psychology degree because there were no option of aviation degree at that time. Teaching skills always been in me as I started my career with Deccan I use to train my subordinates for ticketing GDS at my free time which shifted to Avsec & DGR when I turned as Cabin Crew.

How and when did you get the idea of starting International Institute of Aviation (IIA)? Could you brief us about your institute?
It was not a Planned decision to start IIA,After an Medical Emergency landing while flying to New York as cabin crew, Doctor declared me unfit to fly for 6 month and I was under observation, As I said the teaching skill always been inside me so this break from flying gave me opportunity to train few of the candidates in my home town. Luckily 100% candidates got placed in same year and I won Bharat Jyoti Award By Governor of Chhattisgarh. And the journey continued.
IIA started with the Aim to provide Aviation career opportunities to 2 & 3 Tier city candidates, which expanded with time to Raipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Guwahati, Chennai & so on.

What are the unique things about your institute that sets it apart from the rest?
IIA is an only Institute were you can learn A to Z about Aviation. we train candidate according to the standard of Industry and we make sure the candidate Qualify the interviews with their knowledge which we are imparting in them.IIA is affiliated with Govt of India & time to time we do partnership with Airlines & GHA to provide trained & certified candidates to Industry.IIA team is also pioneer in designing Aviation Syllabus for universities in India & Abroad.

What are the courses that are being offered by IIA? What are the eligibility criteria for each of the courses?
Currently we are offering Diploma & Degree courses in Aviation, to join the same minimum criteria is 10+2 & Aptitude test,Shortly we are coming up with MBA in Aviation in collaboration with industry minimum criteria will be Graduation & CAT.

How many people have you trained so far? What kind of placement opportunities do they get?
We had trained more than Ten thousand candidate in past 8 years, we are proud to say our candidates you can find in every airport & Airlines in India. In Some Airports 75% of staffs are from IIA.We also provide career opportunities in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism.

Can you provide us an insight into your writings? What are your most memorable awards and achievements so far?
Its not easy to be in every corner of India to train candidates, that’s the reason I started writing books to help candidates to learn & grab knowledge about Aviation. When we started Aviation degree with Bangalore University ,we found that we don’t have any Indian Aviation Management Author in Asia, we were completely depend on foreign authors & their books range from $400 & $1500 which was not affordable by students. So I started writing books for Degree students and made sure they can grab these books for as low as Rs 150/-
Can’t name 1 Award as Most memorable, every award have their own value at the time I received it. But if you still Insist I would say the Award which we won during pandemic as Best Aviation Institute 2020 by ASSOCHAM, when the world were going through the tuff time, we as team were focused in Training our candidates & we had completed online trainings, exam & brought campus drive immediately after Lockdown & placed 100% Students, which was not less than a miracle, when 12 crore people lost job at the same time IIA were providing employments to its candidates.
The recent achievement during the pandemic was Appointment as Chairman to ASSOCHAM skill Development Jharkhand & as Head of Trainings & pictogram review to TED14:1 Bureau of Indian Standards Govt of India under the leadership of Dr Omkar from IISc.

Where do you see the marketdemand/requirement for the skilled work force in Aviation in the next 2-3 years? Do you think demand and supply chain can attain equilibrium?
Post pandemic the industry will have kick start, as the people came to know the safety features of Aviation during pandemic they will surely switch to Airline for all their travel needs which will give boost to the industry, and with the support of UDAN scheme 398 Airports are upcoming which will raise the manpower demands in millions. To make sure the demand & supply chain can attain equilibrium IIA is collaborating with Universities in India and designing Aviation UG & PG courses which will produce trained & professional manpower for Industry.

What advice do you have for the youngsters looking into Aviation as a career option?
Don't look for a short term career in Aviation, this industry is all about patience & passion. if you love Aviation industry try to contribute for the growth of the Industry don’t run behind money, it will follow you.In Aviation its always a lot to learn, every day there are new technology, rules, regulations ,policies coming up. keep yourself updated with all this & always keep your eye on sky because in Aviation Sky is the Limit.