Vistara Reduces Single-use Plastic Usage by 75%

Vistara announced reduction of single-use plastic usage by approximately 75% on all domestic flights.

The effort includes 100% elimination of 200ml plastic water bottles on all flights within India effective - an initiative that the airline announced in July 2019 starting with flights between Delhi and Mumbai. The bottles alone accounted for more than 50% of single-use plastic onboard Vistara’s flights.

To further cut usage of plastic, Vistara has also:

  • Replaced plastic cutlery and creamers packed with paper pouch
  • Replaced plastic meal casserole and lids with aluminium in economy class
  • Replace single use plastic bowl covers in Premium Economy and Business Class with rotable (reusable) covers
  • Removed plastic stirrers with wooden stirrers
  • Removed single-use plastic bowls and cups from meal tray with reusable bowls and cups

The above represents an ~75% reduction in single-use plastic on board.

The airline is further working on to roll out the following in the coming months:

  1. Oxy-biodegradable plastic cutlery in plastic pouch will be replaced by non-plastic cutlery in paper pouch
  2. Eco-friendly packaging will be introduced for bread rolls
  3. Eco-friendly packaging will be introduced for blankets

With the above, close to 95% of single use plastics will be eliminated from Vistara aircraft.